No More Lemons! H2BAA 2015 Re-Design


I recently did an interview for the ACI Blog Index and their questions about my website got me thinking: How to be an Anthropologist has not had a fresh redesign in years! So, I thought it was high time for a complete redesign.

You will notice that the tag-line has changed from “When life hands you lemons and two degrees no one understands, apparently you go get a doctorate!” The original tagline for H2BAA was “When life hands you lemons and two degrees no one understands, make some creative lemonade.” I wrote that line while I was working in IT and solidifying my personal brand as an anthropological web designer/developer. It reflected my experience at the time trying to convince employers that anthropology was a useful skill that was applicable to their needs. When I returned to school in 2013, I changed the end to “apparently you go get a doctorate!” to reflect my new path. However, it has been three years, nine months, and four days since I started this blog and my situation and experience has changed a lot, especially in the last year. So, I thought it was time for a new tagline, something that conveyed what I talk about here on H2BAA and represented who I am today. I settled on the following:

if ( $anthropology_ma && $web_dev_career ) { phd(); }

It is written with the syntax of the scripting language I use most often: PHP. In English it reads something like, “if you have an anthropology MA and a web development career, then PhD.” This pretty much sums up me and this blog, where I write about the intersection of anthropology and web development. For me, it also expresses the inevitability of doing this PhD program that I felt after taking the path I did through anthropology and web development, as my training for both left me questions that could only be answered with the kind of extensive focus that a PhD allows. The new tagline lost the cute lemons though, so I decided to take them out of the design. (Sorry, lemons! I still love you. You are forever archived even if you are not featured anymore.)

The new design features a picture I took of the cement slabs in the Binghamton University quad. I picked them because I find them aesthetically pleasing and they remind me a bit of Minecraft, which is how I spend my free time with my awesome and equally nerdy husband. I hope you all like them too.

Also, I have added two new pages: portfolio and profiles. Go check them out!

So, what do you all think? Do you like the new look? Do you miss the lemons?

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