• I really enjoyed your research and article about Chief Metuktire and sent it to all of my students because I often discuss visual representation in my courses and feel they could learn a great deal from reading this about how indigenous people are often represented in the mainstream media/social media.
    I’ll be sure to keep tabs on your website now that I know you exist, and congratulations on getting into school! Great luck to you, Katie Englert

  • Dear Angela Kristin,
    Greetings from Anthropology Department
    Quaid-i-azam University,Islamabad

    I came across your impressive port-folio and contributions to the field of Digital Anthropology. I too have the same interests in the discipline and looking for friends across the world on matching research interests on Digital anthropology/ ethnography. Unfortunately in our part of the world the tradition of anthropological studies is more like of village study and we do not have sufficient academic resources on such modern subjects. I will be really honoured of you mentor me on Digital Anthropology through email or blog. I am really interested to learn it.

    Looking forward to your kind reply!

    Sajjad Haider
    Fieldwork Supervisor
    Department of Anthropology
    Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
    Email: sajjadhaider786@gmail.com

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