About AKV

Angela Kristin VandenBroek is an anthropologist, designer, and web developer. She is currently a PhD candidate at Binghamton University and is accepting small scale freelance projects.

Design Philosophy


I find that the simplest design solutions are the best solutions. With the diversity of browsers, screen-sizes, devices, user settings, user extensions, and other such confounding factors, simpler solutions are far more likely to work in more cases than complex solutions. So, if it can be done in HTML and CSS, then I will not add unnecessary scripting and images to your site. This method will ensure less bugs, less incompatibilities, faster load times, and is friendlier to search engine crawlers, which determine your search rankings.


I believe that websites should be responsive and work on any device and on any screen size. This doesn’t mean that your website will look or function the same in every situation. But, any user should minimally be able to access the site, read content, and navigate regardless of screen size. However, this means that we cannot always have granular control over the design, such as how text re-flows on smaller screens. But, a commitment to responsiveness is a commitment to access for all users and I believe that far outweighs the cost.


Accessibility is important to me and it should be important to you too. Users with special needs, like those that use adaptive technologies or need the ability to zoom in or turn off stylesheets, should not be denied access to your content. I strive to adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) for every project. This means that by default, I will make your website accessible and if you ask for a non-accessible change, I will advise against it and provide you with accessible alternatives. Accessible websites also meet the standards for search engine crawlers, improving your search rankings.


I aim to make websites that allow you to be self-reliant. Unless you want a new feature, you should be able to update your own content without needing to pay me. This is why I recommend that all clients use WordPress even if they do not plan on blogging. This content management system is a simple and powerful way to maintain control over your content.