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Aligned Anxieties: Rethinking Critiques of the Internet through the Anxieties of Web Professionals

The following is a paper I gave at the 2015 Theorizing the Web Conference on April 18. Below you will find: my presentation with audio, the video of the entire panel, and the backchannel conversation from Twitter. Thank you to the Theorizing the Web committee for putting on such a great conference and to the rest […]

Virtual Communities, Selves and Others

This semester I am taking a course in Digital Anthropology Dr. Josh Reno. We each have to lead discussion and write a short paper on one of the readings. Below is my short paper on one of this week’s readings. The Reading Boellstorff, Tom. 2012. Rethinking Digital Anthropology, in Digital Anthropology. Pp. 39-60. In “Rethinking […]

Ethnographic Analysis – Research Proposal Assignment [Part 2]

I am taking a graduate seminar this semester on ethnographic analysis with Dr. Douglas Holmes. The project for the term is to produce an exploratory research proposal. See part one, the research problem. Research Question & Hypothesis How are iamamiwhoami, Minecraft, and the Curators of Sweden Project situated within a practice of design and the […]

Amber Case on Cyborg Anthropology

Cyborg Anthropology Amber Case on Twitter

How to be an Anthropologist

I started this blog after a student asked how she could be an anthropologist. I stuttered and while the obvious answer fell from my lips, the cogs in my mind began to turn. I told the student that she should start by taking some anthropology courses. Then, if she enjoyed them, I told her to […]