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#AAA2014 Fashion Post

  Back by popular demand: #AAA2014 Fashion! I remember the terrifying experience of packing for my first AAA Meeting. So, to help out those first-time AAA-ers, here is what I am wearing this year.

#AAA2013 So Far

AAA Conference Fashion Post!

I have gotten a lot of traffic over the years from people searching for what to wear to conferences, particular anthropology conferences. So, I decided to post my AAA Conference wardrobe for this year. I hope it helps! From my experience, conference goers wear a wide range of clothes from suits to blue jeans. However, […]

Search Answers: “Good Clothing for Anthropologists”

I get a lot of traffic from search engines. Posts in this category are answers or responses to the search queries that lead people to my blog. I have had two people find there way to my blog with the search “good clothing for anthropologists.” My first thought, of course, was Indy. I mean when […]

Identity Making with Pinterest

Do you Pinterest? I do. I find it incredibly addicting. I started pinning this fall after a colleague suggested that I might enjoy Pinterest. So, I headed over to the Pinterest.com homepage and requested an invitation. It arrived the next day and I signed in. At first, I was not sure for what I was […]