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The Problem Isn’t Just Facebook: It’s You Too.

Lately, news of the Facebook emotional contagion study and Facebook Messenger’s permissions, have flooded feeds and inboxes. The former was a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in June 2014. The paper described an experiment where the algorithm controlling some users’ news feeds were altered to show more “happy” or “sad” posts. Then, the subsequent […]

It Isn’t Just About the Falsehood – Follow Up on the Chief Raoni Crying Meme

Well, Internet, I am humbled by your affections. The post I wrote last Sunday about the Crying Chief Raoni meme has gotten 103,000 unique visitors from 197 countries in the last week. For a blog that usually ranges around 50-100 unique visitors a week, that is pretty amazing. Thank You! All of those new readers brought […]

This Image Should NOT be Seen by the Whole World

If your response is either “I shared it and this is not what I meant!” or “The ends justify the means!” then consider this: Follow Up Post Why is Chief Raoni Metuktire of Brazil’s Kayapó tribe crying? According to a popular meme, it is because he received devastating news about the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam. THIS IMAGE […]

[Online or Offline?] Part I: Residue of the Past

I really enjoy the YouTube videos hosted by Mike Rugnetta on the PBS Idea Channel. The videos almost always leave me thinking.  This recent video on the online/offline distinction was right up my alley and even had a few blog inspiring moments.