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Being a Curious Potential — #AAA2013 Presentation

This is the presentation I gave at the 2013 American Anthropological Association meeting in Chicago. Turn up on your speakers or headphones because audio is included. Enjoy!

Q & A: Whose Identity, Whose Representation?

Louise Pettersson asks… Sounds interesting but I don’t understand what you’re up to except studying swedish identity? As a swedish citizen who have even taken some courses in anthropology and ethnology myself it ‘s always fascinating someome tries to study your “own culture”. I might find it interesting to know if you come up with […]

@Sweden / I’m Not Fickle, Honest

When I started my master’s thesis, I chose to work with Muslim-Americans, not because I have an undying fascination with Muslim-American culture, but because I thought that they would be an easy group in which to observe everyday acts of identity practice. After 9/11, my study population were forced to put identity work to the […]

On Writing and Taking Breaks

I completed my master’s thesis last year about this time. In the last year, I have been reveling in the joys of television, novels, video games and the more addictive web applications (I am looking at you Pinterest and ColourLovers!). Having spent the last twenty years in school without a break, I have felt like […]