I am an anthropology PhD candidate at Binghamton University, a visiting researcher at Stockholm University’s Department of Social Anthropology, and a freelance web designer/developer. I combine my anthropological expertise with nearly a decade of experience in design and web development to investigate cultures of expertise that generate around working with and making web and other digital technologies. I am currently conducting ethnographic fieldwork in Stockholm, Sweden on innovation in #SthlmTech. If you are involved in any part of the Stockholm tech startup ecosystem, I would like to talk to you. Please email me at akvbroek@gmail.com. This research is funded by the American-Scandinavian Foundation.

I am also an avid minecrafter, a whovian, the wife of a fantastic cook, and a general nerd. I occasionally write under the blog title “How to be an Anthropologist” and I am the web producer for CASTAC (the Committee for the Anthropology of Science, Technology and Computing).

The best way to get in touch is by emailing me at akvbroek@gmail.com.