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Being a Curious Potential — #AAA2013 Presentation

This is the presentation I gave at the 2013 American Anthropological Association meeting in Chicago. Turn up on your speakers or headphones because audio is included. Enjoy!

Ethnographic Analysis – Research Proposal Assignment [Part 1]

I am taking a graduate seminar this semester on ethnographic analysis with Dr. Douglas Holmes. The project for the term is to produce an exploratory research proposal. The first assignment was to state the research problem. Here is mine. The Research Problem Today, Sweden has one of the most highly developed social welfare systems in […]

Web Design Lessons from an Anthropologist

This is a presentation I did online for the North Carolina Community College Digital Designers and Developers Association on Friday. Enjoy! P.S. This presentation was given as part of the awesome job that I am giving up to go back to school. Do you want to come work with me this summer and take over […]

It Isn’t Just About the Falsehood – Follow Up on the Chief Raoni Crying Meme

Well, Internet, I am humbled by your affections. The post I wrote last Sunday about the Crying Chief Raoni meme has gotten 103,000 unique visitors from 197 countries in the last week. For a blog that usually ranges around 50-100 unique visitors a week, that is pretty amazing. Thank You! All of those new readers brought […]

[Online or Offline?] Part II: Do you have to be using the Internet to be online?

Go to Part I: [Online or Offline?] Part I: Residue of the Past Mike Rugnetta says no and I agree. In part one of this post series, I wrote about how many users think about digital data and tools as digital replicates of tangible tools and content because they learned computing during a transitional period between […]

Anthropology and Web Design (Part Two – Intimacy)

I am a web designer/developer and an anthropologist. Anthropology is my first and true love; but, at this stage in my career, it doesn’t do much to help me pay the bills on its own. So, after finishing my master’s course work I got a job as a web designer based on skills I picked up […]

Identity Making with Pinterest

Do you Pinterest? I do. I find it incredibly addicting. I started pinning this fall after a colleague suggested that I might enjoy Pinterest. So, I headed over to the Pinterest.com homepage and requested an invitation. It arrived the next day and I signed in. At first, I was not sure for what I was […]